This ancient grain has been cultivated for centuries and is a food staple for most of the world. Featured prominently in parts of China and South East Asia, this grains popularity has grown and is now commercially grown in parts of the US. With so many types of rice to choose from, there are endless amounts of delicious recipes to enjoy. Rice is cholesterol and gluten-free and rich in nutrients and is perfect for all lifestyles. Here is the ultimate guide to delicious dishes and preparation tips to make the best rice meals at home.

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Waakye (My Big Fat Ghanian Breakfast)
Rating: 5 stars

Accra, 2013, 6 a.m.: The scrawny Rooster strangles his voice and my sleep with his fuss. Mercy’s broom has already begun switching away last night’s dreams. I hear my uncle scurrying out the screen door headed for the waakye stall across the street on the corner of Palace Street, North Kaneshie—his first breakfast beckons. Waayke (pronounced WAH-chay). The ludicrously extravagant breakfast that is sold on street corners in a plastic bag or wrapped in a plantain leaf puts any UK street food and even some brunch menus to shame.