Oats can be turned into anything from cheesy risotto  to a genius new meat substitute. Their subtle taste leaves room for a range of bolder flavors to dominate a dish. And you don't need to buy fancy versions to reap the benefits of this easy-to-use ingredient. "I'm obsessed with artisanal ingredients, but for baking, it's hard to beat Quick Quaker Oats from the supermarket," says Matt Lewis of Baked in Brooklyn, New York. "No one has ever come out with a luxury oat that works more beautifully." Food & Wine helps you showcase this humble ingredient in a simple dish or elevate it when you want to cook something more extravagant.

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How to Make Oat Milk at Home
It's so easy you can whip up a batch before your morning coffee.
Almond Oats with Muesli and Skyr
At L.A.’s Destroyer, F&W Best New Chef 2017 Jordan Kahn takes breakfast to new heights. Here, for instance, he makes overnight oats in homemade almond milk, then serves that with roasted almond butter, muesli and a sheet of frozen skyr. It’s a crazy but wonderful combination of many breakfast classics in one. Slideshow: More Oat Recipes 
Energizing Fruity Oatmeal Bites
“These oatmeal bites are soft, tender, perfectly spiced and lightly sweetened with pops of caramel-chew from dates and apricots,” says cookbook author Laura Lea. “I purposefully kept them nut-free, so moms can pack them in school lunches for a quick snack or dessert. Two bites also makes for a light on-the-go breakfast, paired with a piece of fruit or yogurt. Tip: sub 2/3 cup chocolate chips or chopped chocolate for dried fruit.” Slideshow: More Oats Recipes 
Coffee Granola
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At Alma in West Hollywood, California, chef Ari Taymor cleverly combines morning oats with coffee. The result is a crunchy, sweet-savory mix that’s perfect with yogurt or ice cream, or even just eaten by the handful. Slideshow: More Granola Recipes 
Salted Maple-Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Crisp
This dessert-turned-breakfast is healthier than the traditional crisp you are used to. Sweetened with only maple syrup, this dish is chock-full of fiber-rich oats, antioxidant berries and dark chocolate. Don’t let the word “healthy” fool you, as the rich chocolate and tart raspberries coated in maple syrup are sure to delight on any morning. Slideshow: More Recipes with Berries 
Quinoa Granola
Quinoa and coconut make this granola a go-to for a sweet snack or morning meal. Slideshow: More Quinoa Recipes 

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Creamy Steel-Cut Oats with Dried Cherries and Almonds
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Steel-cut oats are whole-grain oats that are simply chopped, so they’re super-nutritious and have a great chew. Chef Marco Canora likes to simmer them in whole milk and almond milk with sweet spices for a breakfast with staying power. Slideshow:  More Whole-Grain Breakfasts 
Baked Quinoa and Steel-Cut Oats
Eat this addictive breakfast casserole straight from the oven or garnish it with blueberries and cream. Slideshow:  Baked Breakfasts