Barley is one of the most popular grains in the world. You can find it everywhere from a Scottish porridge to a hearty soup in Saudi Arabia. On its own, this grain can seem a bit boring, but because it serves as a blank canvas for so many international flavors, barley has tons of potential in the kitchen. Chef David Chang likes to make a pearl barley porridge that would blow any ordinary breakfast away. He simmers the barley with kombu, cider, broth and soy sauce before topping it with a runny poached egg. Whether you're cooking breakfast or adding barley to a delicious salad, Food & Wine has all the recipes you need.

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Yayla Çorbası (Turkish Yogurt Soup) with Velibah
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Although most Turks will opt for a pillowy square of pide bread to accompany this soup of yogurt, barley, and dried mint, buttery-crisp velibah stuffed with feta and potato is a go-to for editor Oset Babür's family, who hail from Ossetia, a state in the South Caucasus.
Barley Gratin with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
This satisfying meal can easily be prepared in less than an hour. We love the sweet roasted cherry tomatoes that add the perfect amount of. Feel free to swap out bread crumbs for salted crackers for even more crunch. Slideshow: More Barley Recipes 
Warm Barley and Caramelized Mushroom Salad
Browned mushrooms, fresh sage and lemon juice dress up this version of a classic mushroom-barley salad from F&W’s Kay Chun. Slideshow: More Recipes With Mushrooms 
DIY: Barley Salad
Here, the ultimate DIY barley salad guide by Evan and Sarah Rich, the duo behind San Francisco's Rich Table. Start with barley and a tangy vinaigrette, then get inspired by these four amazing variations.
Barley Recipes
With its nutty flavor and pasta-like chew, barley is a versatile grain. High in fiber and protein, it is also a nutritious alternative to rice. For inspiration on how to incorporate this healthy grain into your diet, browse through this collection of barley recipes, from hearty salads to breakfast porridge.

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Lemony Barley Salad with Kale Pesto
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Kale does double duty here: Some of the leaves are pureed with lemon juice and olive oil for a phenomenal pesto, and some of them are torn into pieces that are stirred into the cooked barley at the end. Slideshow:  Kale Recipes 
David Chang Pigs Out on Barley
David Chang, the brilliant mind behind the Momofuku empire, recently curated MAD (the global chefs' symposium), which gave him the inspiration for the incredibly well-received barley porridge recipe here.