This Air Fryer Is a 'Kitchen Workhorse'—and It's 50% Off Right Now

Grab it for $48.

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 GoWISE USA Ming's Mark GW22621 Electric Air Fryer,

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The air fryer craze is showing no signs of slowing down. People love this countertop appliance because it works faster than an oven to cook and heat up food, and it doesn’t need oil to produce crispy tater tots, roasted cauliflower, and many other snacks. It’s a do-it-all-appliance. 

If you haven't taken the leap and purchased an air fryer for yourself yet, now is a good time. This Gowise air fryer with a 3.5-liter capacity and a touch screen is 50% off right now, lowering the price to just $48 — an amazing deal on an air fryer, which can sometimes be priced at as much as $200, and this model’s lowest price in the last month. 

 GoWISE USA Ming's Mark GW22621 Electric Air Fryer


To buy: Gowise Electric Air Fryer, $48 (originally $96) at

One of the biggest reasons people are so obsessed with air fryers is their versatility.  One of these things can even fully cook a frozen chicken breast and salmon filet, or bake a whole russet potato, in the basket. And the Gowise air fryer is no different, performing all the functions of similar, more expensive, appliances. 

This air fryer features a touch screen if users want to manually program their own cook time, but there are also seven different easy-to-use settings for chicken, fish, shrimp, chips, and more. Thanks to the rapid circulation of hot air within the small space of the basket, cook time is never longer than 30 minutes. And, an alarm lets you know when your food is done.

Measuring 8- by 9- by 12-inches, this model saves counter space, but its small size doesn’t mean it's not powerful. The adjustable temperature controls let users cook food up to 400°F. An accompanying recipe book shows users how to roast, grill, and even bake with their air fryer. When it’s time to clean up, simply wipe out the basket with warm water and soap — stuck on food requires a quick 10-minute soak before it can be cleaned off with a sponge. 

The Gowise air fryer has earned more than 3,100 perfect ratings on Amazon thanks to the fact that it cooks quickly and its durability.  One reviewer who hesitated to buy an air fryer is happy they finally gave in. “It quickly gained its rightful place as our kitchen workhorse,” they wrote, adding, “We love to cook and hate to heat the kitchen in the Texas summer — this is a godsend.”

Another shopper who purchased an air fryer in an effort to cook healthier meals wrote, “I use this incredible product at least three times a week,” adding that they have never struggled to use the control panel. “Fries, chicken, and fish all came out perfectly,” they wrote. 

There’s no need to doubt your intuition. An air fryer is a practical, fun to use appliance that won’t just gather dust on your counter. And with 50% off this compact air fryer, now is the perfect to grab yours. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $48.

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