These Durable Cutting Boards Have Over 19,300 Five-Star Ratings, and a 3-Piece Set Is 45% Off

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Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board Set of 3 Tout

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Every home cook likely owns a cutting board, but do all of them really appreciate it? This hardworking kitchen tool is subject to all sorts of cuts and scratches from knives, and yet it keeps on going. That’s why your cutting board needs to be durable — and stocking multiple sizes in your kitchen is essential, too.

Whether you’re chopping up a handful of strawberries or seasoning a cut of meat, you need both large and small cutting boards. This Gorilla Grips set of three with 19,300 five-star ratings on Amazon has everything you could ever want in a cutting board, and it’s 45% off right now. 

Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board Set of 3


To buy: Gorilla Grips Set of 3 Kitchen Cutting Boards, $22 (originally $40) at

Here’s what you’ll love about them: The slip-resistant rubber border prevents the cutting boards from sliding around when you’re chopping produce. The deeply grooved surface catches drips to minimize messes from juicy pieces of meat or fruit. And the durable material is tough enough that it won’t crack or splinter after repeated use. These cutting boards are also reversible, so you can chop on either side. 

Another important feature of these cutting boards is that they’re dishwasher-safe. If you use them to season raw steaks and chicken breasts, or to cut pork loin into cubes before cooking it, the surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly to remove bacteria. With these, you can skip the elbow grease and throw them in the dishwasher to make sure they’re completely sanitized. 

This is where the importance of owning multiple sizes of cutting boards comes into play. The smallest size that measures 16 inches by 11.2 inches can be used to slice up smaller fruits like oranges, strawberries, and kiwi. The two larger sizes — 16 inches by 11.2 inches and 13.8 inches by 9.6 inches — are better for chopping longer vegetables like carrots and celery, and seasoning, cutting up, and applying marinades to meat. 

These cutting boards have earned tons of praise thanks to their versatility and durability. “The three sizes are very smart, and great for cutting different items for one meal or if you just need a small board for a small job. They're very easy to clean, I pop them right into the dishwasher and they come out smelling fresh,” wrote one reviewer

Another shopper who appreciated the heavy-duty material wrote, “These are hard enough that the knives don't shred the surface, yet the material does not dull the knives.”

If you need to stock up on easy-to-clean cutting boards that will last for years, this set of three will get the job done. And at just $22, now is the perfect time to snap them up. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $22.  

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