Inside Gordon Ramsay’s New Fish and Chips Restaurant in Times Square

The celebrity chef is slowly building his U.S. restaurant empire.

Fish and Chips at Gordon Ramsay's New Restaurant

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It’s official: Gordon Ramsay has brought a taste of the British seaside to the Big Apple. This past December, he opened the newest location of his fast casual concept, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, right smack dab in the middle of Times Square

The menu stays mostly traditional and almost identical to its three other locations across the United States. But rather than serving the fish and chips tossed in vinegar and wrapped in newspaper like most traditional English chippies, the Masterchef host pops them into a portable, white cardboard box labeled with the British flag. 

The real bread and butter at this restaurant is, unsurprisingly, the eponymous fish and chips, a dish that Ramsay worked hard to perfect. “It comes down to batter and fish. Quality and consistency as always,” Ramsay tells Food & Wine. “That starts with the sourcing of the products – we use a true cod that’s sustainable and only needs a little lemon salt and that light, crispy batter to let it really shine.”

“The oil is another key factor,” Ramsay adds. “We strain our oil two times per day to make sure the protein and chips never taste like they’ve been cooked in overused oil. And we execute all of these things to a very high standard on a daily basis.”

Inside Gordon Ramsay's New Fish + Chips Restaurant in New York City

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For the chips, Ramsay partners with a group of small farms in America’s Pacific Northwest to source the best quality potatoes. The fries, skinnier than typical chips, are tossed in sea salt and designed to be dunked into one of Ramsay's house-made sauces. With every combo meal comes the choice of two: Gordon’s Tartar, Curry & Mango, Sriracha Aioli, Southwest Ranch, and Dijon Mayonnaise. You can also make your chips “dirty” by smothering them in toppings. Think, jalapeño, chorizo, cotija, red onion, chives, and parsley. 

In addition to cod, Ramsay offers shrimp and chicken, fried and served in the same style as the fish. He’s also serving his own take on the fried fish wrap, which he calls the Fishwich. The fried fish (or chicken, if you’d prefer a Chickenwich) gets nestled within a warm piece of naan and topped with avocado sauce, crunchy shredded cabbage, and fresh tomato relish. 

With more locations in the United States to come, you may no longer have to travel overseas to taste Ramsay’s cooking. Visit 1500 Broadway, Suite 105, to try it yourself.

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