New NYC Bar Offers 860 Different Gins — Plus Multiple Speakeasies Downstairs

The Ivory Peacock boasts the biggest gin collection in New York, with top-notch Martinis, gin and tonic trays, and an opulent raw bar.

A cocktail from The Ivory Peacock

Courtesy of The Ivory Peacock

A glamorous new Martini destination has just opened in New York City. The Ivory Peacock, located in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood, has perfected the drink, yes – with a dedicated “sub-zero” Martini menu of 2 and 4 oz. pours – but celebrates so much more that gin is capable of. 

Beyond boasting 860 bottles (and counting) of gins, making it what the owners say is the largest collection of gins in New York City, the bar is a gorgeous place to gather, with antique chandeliers, Louis XV-style carved giltwood mirrors, and gorgeous velvet seating throughout. Its location on West 26th St. has supposedly been an active bar since the mid-19th century, pausing only during Prohibition.

The Ivory Peacock

Courtesy of The Ivory Peacock

The Ivory Peacock, however, isn’t really just one bar. On the first floor, past the main bar towards the back, there’s the Emerald Bar, with 14 marigold seats around a semicircular marble bar – this is the spot for raw bar lovers. It’s also where, on a recent visit, I ordered the gin and tonic tray. The accoutrement on the tray varies depending on the gin you select, based on its botanicals and flavor profile. To complement the Japanese gin I chose, the tray came with lime and yuzu Fever Tree tonic, a bowl of makrut lime leaves, and another of green cardamom, plus tongs to plop whatever we’d like into our glass. Crafting my own massive gin and tonic – priced at around $30, the chalice easily serves two – was the perfect Friday afternoon activity. 

The experience at the Emerald Bar is made extra special by the super-fresh raw bar and seafood tower options, plus an excellent menu from French Laundry alum Grayson Altenberg. The  non-alcoholic options are surprisingly robust, a standout being the bright and refreshing Super Lemon cocktail with zero-proof gin, lemon, tonic, and mint oil. 

A gin & tonic tray from The Ivory Peacock

Courtesy of The Ivory Peacock

One floor below, another world awaits – a dim, chic speakeasy-type bar with ample space to lounge and even an intimate performance space. If somehow that’s not exclusive enough for you, there’s also another speakeasy hiding within the speakeasy, an intimate little space for private groups behind an unassuming wall. (The DJ booth can also be turned into a private tasting room.) 

The pricing is surprisingly accessible for such an ambitious and chic venue, with gin cocktails priced in the teens and seafood-forward bar snacks like uni tempura starting around $9. For the first time in years, I now have a reason to go to NoMad.

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