This Job Will Pay You $1,000 to Eat Cheese Every Night


It's a somewhat mysterious science, figuring out the factors that encourage — or completely hulk-smash — a good night's sleep. Of course, there's an entire scientific industry dedicated to figuring it out, but we're all prone to make our own hypotheses based on personal experience. Plus, John Mayer said it best: Your body is a wonderland…and sometimes there's no telling what's going to happen when you eat that chunk of cheddar moments before hitting the pillow. 

Ok, John Mayer didn't say that last part, but a company called Sleep Junkie is digging into this very specific situation.

Various slices of cheese

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Sleep Junkie's website offers up sleep product reviews (think mattresses and bedding) as well as information on how to improve your sleep health. It's currently seeking out "dairy dreamers," or a group of people who will receive $1,000 for eating a variety of cheese before hitting the hay every day for three months straight.

These lucky few will be asked to record a number of experiences throughout the three-month study: dreams, sleep quality, and energy levels, with help from their smartwatch (you must own one of these to apply). The hunch is that eating cheese right before sleep will do nothing to better the snooze, but this data will help support or debunk the assumption. In particular, the crew at Sleep Junkies is also looking to see if enjoying some dairy before bedtime will increase the chance of nightmares.

Before you get too excited, there are some requirements. All applicants must be 21 years of age or older, have good writing skills, be prepared to be honest about the study and its impact, and — of course — must love sleeping and cheese. To be seriously considered, Sleep Junkies is looking for people with a consistent sleep schedule who can commit to sleeping alone for the duration of the study. Oh, and those with dairy or lactose intolerances should steer clear, you know, for obvious reasons. (You can read all of the details on the application page.)

But our question: What kind of cheese will they get to dig into? The company shares that a list will be provided to the dairy dreamers on a weekly basis and will include a variety of cheese, from blue and soft-ripened to lactose-free and hard cheeses. 

Applications close on February 10, so get moving. We know this is someone's (potentially many someone's) dream gig.

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