This Pizza Place Wants to Exchange a Year of Free Pizza for Taylor Swift Tickets

Zee’s Pizzeria in New Orleans will give you "at least" a year of free pizza if you're willing to part with Taylor Swift tickets.

Taylor Swift; Margherita pizza

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Taylor Swift tickets are hard to come by. Scratch that. Taylor Swift tickets are impossible to come by. Dedicated Swifties are trying everything imaginable to score some tickets, but one pizza place in New Orleans may have them all beat with the offer of a lifetime: Free pizza for a year in exchange for two tickets.

“We’d scream if we could go,” Zanger White, owner of Zee’s Pizzeria, told WGNO. “Me and my wife are big fans, and we’d love to go. I don’t see a way to get tickets because they are way too expensive and too hard to get.”

According to White, the idea to exchange a year of pies for tickets came to him while he and his wife, like thousands of others, attempted and failed to get them during the recent Ticketmaster fiasco. And though he hopes someone will take him up on his offer, White added, that he “thought it would be funny, hoping Taylor would find out.” 

KIRO7, the local news outlet, reported that White has also put out a sign that reads “Free Pizza For Swift Tix,” though he did note there may be a little room for negotiation.

“We’d do at least a year of free pizza for two Swift tickets,” he added. 

And maybe, just maybe, if this story gets enough attention, Swift will want to cash in on the deal herself. After all, like most of us, Swift appears to be a fan of pizza, too. As People reported, she’s been known to stop into places like La Lanterna di Vittorio in New York for a few pies. A source from the restaurant even shared her order with People adding, "Taylor ordered two of our personal-size gourmet thin-crust pizzas — the Margherita and Rosetta De Lyo — with Gorgonzola and salami, two double French martinis, and for dessert, our individual signature tiramisu with vanilla gelato.” 

And if White doesn’t get the tickets, well, he’ll just have to … shake it off. (Sorry.)

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