Mike Pomranz
Updated December 29, 2015

Unless you were a vegetarian until the age of 16, you probably don’t remember how you felt the first time you tasted bacon.

Thankfully now, with the help of technology and the Internet, precious moments like a baby trying bacon for the first time can be caught on camera and posted for everyone to see. Not only will little Easton be able to relive the joy of seeing himself trying bacon for the first time, but he’ll also be able to experience the anguish of having to live down being that kid in that video of the kid trying bacon for the first time. Hey, you take the good with the bad… the bacon with the heart disease, you could say.

But beyond that, this video also helps answer an age old question: Do we love bacon because it tastes good or does bacon taste good because of all the hype it gets? Clearly, this kid proves there’s an instinctual love of bacon inside of all of us – or at least an instinctual love of bacon when your entire family is sitting around staring at you with anticipation ready to freak out with laughter.

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