Mike Pomranz
Updated April 26, 2016

As a child, nothing was more devastating than when mom would come home with a generic cereal brand. You’d look at the leprechaun-free packaging and realize that nothing felt particularly lucky about these charms.


But as an adult, you are (hopefully) a bit wiser and realize that name brands aren’t always better brands. Hammering home this fact, the YouTube channel AsapScience recently did one of their whiteboard breakdowns on the differences between brand name versus generic products, pointing out that, in some cases, generic brands are even made by the same companies that make their name brand counterparts. They also cite a study suggesting that people’s preference for name brands might be more psychological than taste-related.

Granted, the childhood trauma you suffered from eating Marshmallow Mateys was also psychological, but hopefully you can take solace in this video reminder that generic doesn’t mean worse, it just means different.

Okay, sure, sometimes different is worse, but at the very least, can we all agree it’s a bad idea to take breakfast advice from a leprechaun?

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