Mike Pomranz
Updated April 09, 2015

Had a few too many? Uber Toronto will let you know—and they’ll even call you a ride home.

As part of a pretty sly marketing campaign, Uber installed a kiosk called Uber Safe on the streets of Toronto. The stand contains a built-in breathalyzer and encourages people to take a disposable straw to blow and see how inebriated they really are. If you’re over the legal limit, the kiosk then offers to call you a ride home—from Uber, of course.

It really toes the line between encouraging responsible behavior and taking advantage of drunk people by ushering them into an Uber. But if it cuts down on driving under the influence, it seems like a win-win—at least until some bozo needs an Uber to drive him to the hospital after seeing if he can set the all-time record for blood-alcohol content.

For now, Uber appears to be trying out this gimmick only in Toronto. But hey, why stop there? Why not partner with a smartphone breathalyzer company like BACtrack and just integrate this into the Uber app? I bet you’d see a surge in drunk people using Uber —not that that’s really what any of the drivers would like to see.

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