By Joey Skladany
Updated: September 08, 2016
© Jupiterimages/Getty Images

New York may be the city where dreams are made, but not for those who are craving a Mimosa or Bloody Mary before noon on Sundays. Thanks to an old law that banned Manhattanites from boozing too early on God's day, many of our weekend brunches have been accompanied solely by water, tea or coffee as a means of washing down our stack of pancakes. Boring.

But all of this is about to change.

Starting this weekend, restaurants will now be able to serve alcohol at 10 AM. The move comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the "brunch bill" on Wednesday to throw out the legislation he once referred to as "the most bizarre, arcane, frustrating, maddening law that you could imagine." It dated back to prohibition times, when alcohol restrictions were obviously pretty tight. 


It does sound like a win-win for everyone. The restaurants get to bring in more business and we get two additional hours to distract ourselves from thinking about Monday. 

No word on the negative impact this change may have on New York's society other than the crime of brunch being even more fun and delicious.