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Joey Skladany
June 22, 2017

If you've worked a service or retail job, you've probably rolled your eyes at the expression: "the customer is always right." Some demands are so outrageous, so out of the ordinary, that even the most committed, experienced and patient of employees will undoubtedly fail at making these challenging (and horrible) people happy. Cue the inevitable letter of complaint. 

Imgur user MadVillainousDave wanted to test just how far hotel employees will go to ensure a comfortable stay, no matter how specific or hilarious the request. The result: a shocking success. 


To preface, Dave is certainly not malicious in his intent. He simply thought it'd be funny to actually fill out the "special request" sections of his online hotel bookings. Some examples include: three single red M&Ms on the counter, a five-pillow fort and a picture of a dog dressed as a boat captain. 

If you thought that these hotels wouldn't be crazy enough to follow through, you thought wrong. In fact, Dave has documented the fruits of his labor with these amazing photos below.

Check out the most exceptional cases of customer service you'll ever see. 

(h/t Elite Daily)

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