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We all love Costco, what with their reasonably-priced palates of toilet paper to their employee-centric business practices. The superstore’s inventory just got a little happier though with the addition of a new bulk item: Theme park rides. Yes, Costco has been in the travel business for some time but from now until Dec. 1st, Southern California outlets of the warehouse store will offer a $330 annual pass to Disney’s California Adventure the OC Register reports. It is better to buy in bulk as a one-day pass to the park currently costs between $95 and $119 depending on the time of year.


Like Disney’s multi-park passes, the California Adventure Park Fun Pass will have blackout dates (mostly holidays and summer Saturdays), but will also feature a 10 percent discount of food and merchandise as well as an exclusive collector’s pin (and trust me, if you’ve met Disneyland fans, they love their pins). It’s a mid-range offering, considering Disney’s in-house passes range from $329 with lots of blackout dates to $1,049 with none. While California Adventure doesn’t have the classic rides of its sister park, recent Cars, Frozen and forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy attractions have upped its appeal. Unfortunately that GotG ride is replacing the Tower of Terror, so if your plan was to spend the next year gobbling down discounted snacks then trying to hold them in as you survive a 18-story drop, tough luck.

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