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Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017

Perhaps man was not meant to walk high above the Earth on floors of glass. Or maybe China just needs to cool it with the see-through bridges for a while. Less than two weeks after it opened, the glass bridge spanning China’s Grand Canyon in Zhangjiajie Park has closed. A spokesperson (who we assume was standing in front of a giant sign that read “Nothing to see here,”) said the bridge was simply “overwhelmed by visitors” and that there “was no problem” with the bridge, unlike a similar bridge opened last October in China that cracked. The Zhangjiajie bridge is the latest in a series of glass walkways in China that have proven incredibly popular. And at 430 meters across and 300 meters this was not only the longest and highest glass bridge in the world but also likely the most popular. According to the same spokesperson, the park allowed 8000 people per day on the bridge, but demand was ten times that.  

While the bridge is closed, the park is going to update its infrastructure to accommodate more guests including additional parking and ticketing systems, but currently there is no date for set for reopening.


You can still terrify yourself back in the United States though. The glass slide that runs outside Los Angeles’ U.S. Bank Tower (tallest building West of the Mississippi River) is still open for business. 

[h/t CNN]

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