Courtesy of Hammocraft
Jordi Lippe-McGraw
June 22, 2017

This piece originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

Hammocks are great. A ring of floating hammocks is simply awesome. 

The Hammocraft, created by Wyoming-based geniuses, is a combination of a hammock and a raft that allows you and your pals to get the benefits of swaying in the breeze and rocking in the water. For $1,000 you get an easy-to-assemble sturdy frame that can fold up into a ski bag. Then you attach a raft or paddleboards and, of course, hammocks.

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Up to five people can lounge at a time and the Hammocraft, but you’ll want to stick to calm waters as the structure can easily flip over. But, it works well on dry land as well.

Hammock life has become so popular recently, many hammock aficionado groups have been formed where they set up camp in unique places all over the world. These have even come in the form of hammock towers, where people will stack a series of the hammocks on top of each other reaching terrifying height.

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In fact, a group called "Hammockers Indonesia" says they actually set the record last year for creating the world's highest hammock tower when they stacked 27 hammocks reaching 80 feet high.

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