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Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

When buying a toaster, one feature should probably be paramount: The ability to perfectly toast a slice of bread. And yet, how often do we really get excited about how bread tastes when it comes out of said toaster? Probably not very often. But one appliance maker is changing all that, at least in Japan, creating a toaster oven that toasts the best damn slice of bread you’ve ever had. Only thing is, it’ll cost you – and you’re going to have to wait to get one. Yeah, this toaster is supposedly that exciting; unlike, say, toast itself.

According to Bloomberg, the Japanese brand Balmuda has re-invented the toaster, turning it into a “high-tech gadget.” Apparently, the key to this remarkable device is its ability to harness moisture and vary temperatures as it cooks. “Using steam and carefully calibrated heat cycles, it transforms store-bought bread into something that smells, tastes and feels like it popped out of a baker's oven,” the site writes.


The Balmuda toaster oven costs $230, about five times what other brands cost in Japan (and a lot more than the one you might have bought at Rite-Aid right after you graduated college). It is also currently on a three-month backlog. But its converts have turned the previously common toaster into a surprisingly buzzworthy appliance. “The best results are with croissants,” Bloomberg quotes one early adopter as saying. “I can never go back to 5,000-yen toasters.” Seriously. At this point, just the thought of a 5000 yen toaster makes me feel like I might throw up.

While the company says it has no plans to start selling its magical bread cooking machine to the United States or Europe, real toast aficionados can pick one up through a third party on Amazon. It is almost double the cost though. You might have to cut back on the butter and jam. Although, if the toast is really that good maybe you don’t need it. 

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