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Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

Need proof the economy is strong? Just look at all the unique concepts finding full funding via crowdsourcing campaigns. Either that or the one-percent just really loves buying things via crowdsourcing. In the past month alone, we’ve seen Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns for everything from artisanal astronaut ice cream to a home cidermaking appliance to a dedicated six-at-a-time tortilla toaster. Alright, maybe one of those didn’t find funding… (Good luck guessing which one.) But regardless, crowdfunding has become a legitimate way for companies to launch new ideas – often gaining far more attention than they might at traditional retail outlets.

The moral is that even though some bad apple Kickstarter campaigns have caused skepticism (you know who I’m talking about, Coolest Cooler), other companies are using sites like Indiegogo to move products that probably would find a market regardless. For instance, this week, Louisville-based FirstBuild launched an Indiegogo campaign for its Prisma Cold Brew Coffee machine that miraculously claims to spit out ready-to-drink cold brew in just “10 minutes or less” – speeding up a process that typically takes an entire night or more. It might sound like another too-good-to-be-true crowdsourced gadget – until you learn that FirstBuild is backed by GE Appliances with millions of dollars’ worth of Indiegogo sales under its belt already.


How does Prisma condense such a long brewing process? According to the company, “Through a specialized vacuum infusion process.” Of course. Unfortunately, FirstBuild doesn’t provide much info beyond that, though they do tout that “Prisma won awards for best product and peoples’ choice” at Coffee Fest Dallas.

While FirstBuild has a decent pedigree, anytime you buy a crowdsourced product, you’re taking a leap of faith. That said, plenty of people appear ready to take a $229 leap of faith on closer-to-instant cold brew coffee: So far 40 people have ordered a Prism at its early bird price, and with a month left to go, Prisma is well on its way to hitting its fundraising goal of $150,000.

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