By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
Courtesy of Emojipedia

iPhone users who have fired up their food emojis in the past 24 hours may notice some differences both big and small. Apple recently began rolling out iOS 10.2, meaning updated devices now have full access to Unicode 9. That includes major additions like the new avocado emoji, but the Apple team also decided to make some more subtle changes – including redrawing the peach to look less like a butt. Change is tough.

First, the new emojis: Beyond the highly anticipated avocado, other new options for texting foodies include kiwifruit, potato, carrot, cucumber, peanut, croissant, baguette bread, pancakes, bacon, stuffed flatbread, egg, shallow pan of food, green salad, glass of milk, clinking glasses, tumbler glass, spoon and, if you’re talking about delivery, I’m sure you can find good use for the new motor scooter as well.


But we all new these were coming. In fact, those emoji hoggers at the Unicode Consortium officially released these new icons way back in June; it just took time for them to finally get rolled out to different platforms like iOS. However, what many people didn’t expect was that the artists over at Apple would use the new rollout as an opportunity to reimagine their work. The biggest outcry has been over the redrawn peach: The peach emoji with its previously distinct, shall we say, “crevasse” had taken on a double meaning since it looked oddly like a human bottom. The new version, however, is distinctly more prude, giving the peach a firm twist to make the crease, ahem, less in your face.

To be fair, double meanings aside, the new peach looks a lot more like a real peach than the old peach. And that’s progress. Despite all the fun people like to have with their emojis, a produce emoji should look more like the thing it’s supposed to look like rather than a human body part.

And in the good news department, the eggplant emoji looks almost entirely the same. If anything, it’s bigger and better than ever before. Hey, you win some and you lose some when it comes to double entendre emojis. Maybe one day the Unicode Consortium will stop beating around the bush and just give us the damned butt emoji we all clearly want.