Justin Sullivan
Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

As if you needed any more of a nudge to stay on the couch, Google has announced it’s rolling out the ability to order delivery directly from a restaurant’s listing in Google Maps on iPhones and other iOS devices. Why drive for seven minutes, take public transit for 22 minutes, walk for 38 minutes or bike for 14 minutes (in beta!) when you can just have the same food brought right to you.

Google Maps users are already used to seeing an ever-growing list of info and links when looking up a restaurant: everything from the obvious stuff like address and hours, to more exotic (and somewhat Big Brother-ish) tidbits like when you last visited and how busy the restaurant is by the hour. Starting today, iOS users in many cities around the globe will also see the option to “Place an order” if the restaurant is affiliated with any major delivery services. For instance, if an eatery works with GrubHub or Eat24, Google will give you a link or links to go directly to the restaurant’s ordering page with the affiliated company.

Apple addicts will have to update to the latest version of Google Maps to get the new feature, and the update states that the new ordering feature does have “limited availability based on country.” But if you’re willing to fully embrace the irony of looking up a restaurant on a map just so that you can decide not to go there, this new feature is the big upgrade you’ve been waiting for!

Meanwhile, Android owners can give this news a shrug while chowing down on the leftover chow mein they ordered through Google Maps yesterday. This ordering-through-the-app feature has been available on phones with Google’s mobile operating system for over a year.

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