By Noah Kaufman
June 23, 2017

In case you’ve been in an air-conditioned coma for the last couple months you probably noticed that it has been an oppressively hot summer. And as a result most of us have probably ended up drinking a warm beer or two as mother nature wreaked havoc on beverages. But, if a group of beer-drinking Hungarian nerds gets its way, warm beers will be a thing of the past.

Viktor Kurucz is the lead beer-drinking nerd behind Boozepad, which he claims is the world’s first and by default only coaster designed specifically to cool your cans of beer. The coaster contains a freezable mixture that helps the coaster absorb the heat your poor beer takes on as it sits in the open air. According to Kurucz, cans of beer will stay cold for an hour, which should leave you enough time to casually sip your drink in a respectable fashion. After an hour though, he says the capacity for cooling your drink diminishes dramatically.

So does it really work? There’s not a great reason it shouldn’t work as advertised—people have been making effective heat transfer products for some time. But because the Boozepad is still in its crowdfunding infancy (there’s no way you didn’t think this had a crowdfunding campaign is there?) we have to rely on their internal research. But Kurucz does say that 89 percent of respondents could detect the difference and that, “Even kids can tell with very high probability.” If nothing else that should give you a little insight into his test subjects.


For those who want to take a chance on a new way to drink cold beer, the coasters won’t set you back too much. For a $10 contribution you can get a single Boozepad and for $25 you can get three. And with any luck you’ll be downing cold brews off your new coasters before winter hits and you can just let winter do all this complicated heat transfer stuff for you.