© Habitat KNASA Chef Knife
Mike Pomranz
Updated December 13, 2016

When you’re shopping around for a new knife, you don’t want a product designed by some bozo who went to a party knife college like Knife State University (NOTE: may not be a real school). You want a knife made by experts who understand the latest in cutting edge technology (pun totally intended). Maybe that explains why a forthcoming knife that is “inspired by NASA-patented technology” has been able to raise over a third of a million dollars on Kickstarter.

KNASA launched on Kickstarter back in November with a humble $20,000 goal and the lofty assertion of being the “NASA-inspired chef knife.” Now, with less than three days to go before funding closes, the campaign stands at over $370,000 – or the equivalent of about 4,700 knives at the Kickstarter “Featured Price” of $79. (The campaign pegs the retail price at $129 each.)

How do you get people so excited about a knife? By making some pretty bold promises. According to Habitat, the company behind the product, KNASA’s “ultra-sharp” edge is made from a “patented alloy, developed by Caltech and tested by NASA” that is “twice as strong as titanium” and “stays sharp 5 times longer than other knives.” It also has “natural nano-serration at the molecular level” that creates “the self-sharpening aspect of the microscopic teeth” for what that’s worth. 


So what are we to make of this space knife? As with all crowdfunding campaigns, you should always take a buyer beware approach; however, KNASA is offering a money-back guarantee if the knives are not delivered as promised by May 2017. That said, I think more telling is an image about three minutes into the KNASA promotional video. It shows a KNASA knife hovering above the Earth with a little astronaut hanging out by the handle and the Space Shuttle floating above the blade. At that point, you’re either like “Hell yeah I want a crazy outer space NASA knife!” or you might be better off just buying your knives in a store.

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