Mike Pomranz
Updated April 28, 2015

If you consider surfing serious business, then this very literal wet “suit” may be your perfect gear for catching some waves.

Surfwear brand Quiksilver in Japan has introduced what they have dubbed True Wetsuits. They’re wetsuits that look like business suits, offered in three varieties: a black “office smart” suita blue “casual Friday” suit (that doesn’t look particularly casual) and, for those formal surfing occasions, a "party tuxedo.”

The vast majority of the suit—including the jacket, pants and tie—is made from high-quality 2-millimeter waterproof neoprene. Meanwhile, the shirt is made from a “super-stretchy, water-repellent” material that is typically used in board shorts. All this can be yours for just ¥300,000 (a dirt-cheap $2,500).

To market the product, Quiksilver is promoting that "It is possible to traverse the office and beaches without changing clothes, in this high-performance waterproof wetsuit,” according to a translated press releaseIn a video released last week, brand director Shin Kimitsuka laments, “As your lifestyle changes, you have less and less time to go surfing. I thought it would be interesting to offer this product as a new solution to deal with that issue.”

Though the brand says they tried to design the suit to be equally functional both in and out of the water, my guess is if you started showing up to work wearing a True Wetsuit, you’d probably end up with a lot more time to go surfing—after you’ve been fired. Still, from the videos at least, these suits do look surprisingly like solid business attire. “This product is humorous and unique,” says one guy in Quiksilver’s video. That’s definitely true.

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