By Chris Mah
June 22, 2017
© Farrah Shaikh

Japan has been crushing it recently in the food-themed accessories department—first with this robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run, then with this smartwatch embedded inside an actual banana. Now, it's sushi iPhone cases that are so realistic you’ll be tempted to dip them in soy sauce.

The iPhone 5/5s cases available at Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop come with life-size, seriously delicious-looking cases in uni, ikura and other nigiri. They are made to order and start at around $40. The incredible detail and coloring look so real, they have even included a side of ginger on the case. While they are aesthetically pleasing, they’re also a bit impractical, as some of the designs obstruct the phone’s camera, and almost all of them are too big to fit pants pockets.

Unfortunately, the sushi cases aren’t available for Android users, but as consolation, you should just treat yourself to the real thing.

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