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Daisy Alioto
Updated October 17, 2016

Americans are expected to spend $8.4 billion on Halloween this year. And they will invest a significant amount of that money in costumes that are sexy but not too sexy and topical but not, like, serious.

Sexy costume powerhouse Yandy has been planning Halloween since the day after Halloween last year. ‘It is a 365 day a year business,’ says VP of merchandizing Pilar Quintana. They expect to sell more than 300,000 costumes this season.

However, as late as summer, Yandy still considers of-the-moment costumes based on current events. Pizza Rat first reared his furry little head in September 2015, and yet Yandy still had time to bring a Pizza Rat costume to market before Halloween.

‘We have the unique ability to act on the fly when creating new costumes,’ says Yandy representative Sarah Chamberlain, ‘In addition to providing fashion-forward looks, we also pride ourselves on offering timely, pop-culture inspired costumes.’

A cut above Pizza Rat, is topseller sexy pizza. Yandy does a lot of business in New York City, where we certainly have a soft spot for the cheesy slice. The company also does big business on college campuses, and recently ranked their Top 10 schools.

The sunny University of Southern California buys the most costumes from Yandy– which comes as no surprise to anyone who went to school in the Northeast and remembers the Halloween blizzard of 2011. I was still a sexy strawberry, because I don’t quit.

Speaking of which, food is its own category on the Yandy website. Though everything in your refrigerator can get the ‘sexy’ treatment, it doesn’t mean it will sell– as evidenced in the rankings of certain fruits and vegetables.

According to the company, watermelon works well, but sexy grape was left to wither on the vine. Similarly, sexy corn never really popped with the consumer.

Want to bet on an underdog costume? Consider the sexy lobster. Lobster sales are ‘slowing down,’ according to Quintana. Things aren’t looking good for IRL lobsters either, but there's still time for both types to rebound.

Beyond the softcore food porn, Yandy also finds success in the world of politics. Last year Yandy introduced their Donald T. Rumpshaker costume, which is selling more than the competing Capitol Hill costume. 

‘We debuted it last year, we weren’t sure if it would still be strong,’ says Quintana of Mr. Rumpshaker.

But it's as strong as ever. If this costume thing doesn't work out, perhaps Yandy should try their hand in the garbage fire prediction business. Actually, that's a great costume idea for next year... 

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