By PureWow
June 23, 2017

The holidays come with a lot of stress—travel, shopping, house guests (expected and unexpected). And the holidays are over in a flash. Guests say goodbye and fold out couches are folded back. You may then feel like you can unwind but you have come across the most stressful part of the holidays: how to fold that frustrating fitted sheet. Usually it just ends up being rolled or shoved back into the closet.  But there is a way to actually fold it.

This piece originally appeared as How to Wrangle a Fitted Sheet on

Presenting our super-simple four-step guide to turning a fitted sheet into a nice, neat little package. The trick is to tuck the four corners into one master corner. (It’s OK—we didn’t know either.)

Watch our video to see how it’s done. Then stop feeling embarrassed when your house guests accidentally stumble upon your linen closet.

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