FWx Editors
June 23, 2017

It’s a little early to anoint anything the song of the summer, but at the very least Missy Elliott just dropped the song of your office holiday party’s after party. You know, that time about four hours in, when almost everyone has gone home and a few drunken stragglers from accounting and HR start asking the 23-year-old intern what they should to be cool.

Elliott’s WTF (that’s “Where They From,” not the other WTF) is a bass heavy, hip-hop masterpiece with all the dense, rhythmic lyrical work we remember loving about her a decade ago. It’s the first new song on which Elliott did more than just feature and her first video in years and if the tens of thousands of views it racked up in a matter of hours after its release are any indication, music fans have missed Missy quite a bit.

Oh, and to the guys who just finished aging their beer to a Wu Tang soundtrack, we would like to humbly recommend you start brewing a companion beer right now. 

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