By Clara Olshansky
June 22, 2017
© Kendall Mills

Have you ever had a slice of pizza so freaking good that you wished you could savor it forever? Well now you can...sort of. Industrial designer and pizza lover Steph Mantis brings us Forever Pizza, Pizza slices cast in resin that you can keep forever. But the Forever Pizza raises an important philosophical quandry: is a pizza really a pizza if you can't stuff it in your face?

While the standard Forever Pizza is a single-slice design piece, Mantis has also created the Ninja Throwing Slices, "inspired by [her] love for pizza and a certain gang of underground teenage turtles." These ninja stars, comprised of four slices cast together to make a four-pointed shuriken, are perfect for all takeout-ordering stealth warriors out there.

While the slices of Forever Pizza are currently sold out, and the ninja star model was never actually on the market, there's no need to despair. Mantis has a waiting list for the next batch of Forever Pizza slices, so you can bet she'll be churning more out soon. As far as the pepperoni-ful weapons go, Mantis has left it pretty open-ended, saying "maybe you can buy them, but let's talk about it." To talk about it, you can email her at


And Steph Mantis's pizza-tastic merchandise doesn't stop at Forever Slices. You know those black and white Helvetica T-shirts with all the ampersands? For $20, you can get one of her Pepperoni& Onion& Sausage& Mushroom& Cheese shirts here. So basically, Steph Mantis is the queen of all pizza-related design. For more, you can follow Mantis on Tumblr and Twitter.