By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
Courtesy of Nike

Nothing goes together like athletic shoes and… dessert? It’s not the most traditional pairing, but athletic shoes haven’t really been confined to athletics for a long time—at this point, most people who wear tennis shoes have never even owned a racket.

According to Nike, “The FA15 Air Max 90 City collection extends a tradition of indulgent food and beverage references in footwear color blocking.” For those of us who aren’t footwear fanatics, that means these sneakers are named after and colored to resemble different sweets from around the world.

The New York-inspired Strawberry Cheesecake shoe features white leather with red rubber to hold the lacings, and the Paris-based Macaron is solid soft purple just waiting for a creamy white sock to be the filling. The other four styles are Eton Mess from London, Apertivo from Milan, Must Win Cake from Shanghai and Harajuku Crepe from Tokyo.

All the shoes go on sale starting September 18, and you can find them online, at select Nike retailers or possibly even at a very misinformed pastry shop.

The Macarons

The Aperitivos

Must Win Cake

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