By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© Fredrika Stjärne

For the pasta lover who just can’t get enough noodles in their life, the spaghetti chair is for you. A concept entitled “sit & eat 2,” from Sarajevo graphic designer and visual artist Haris Jusovic, the chair looks incredibly realistic. That said, at first glance, we have a few practical questions about it. How would those two little spaghetti strands hold the entire weight of a human being? And even if they could, doesn’t the whole thing look a bit bouncy? And, oh boy, does that seat not look comfortable to sit on. (OK, that last one isn’t a question.)

But clearly practicality was not the emphasis here. After his work was published in DesignBoom, Jusovic explained his motivationsWhen a product becomes a sculpture, a combination of fantasy and reality of nature that surrounds us, the industrial model gets a new taste, and we understand that nature and society have so much influence in itself.”

That seems a little heavy for a spaghetti chair. But it is a unique piece of furniture. We can practically hear the Olive Garden executives calling Jusovic now, begging him to take the chair from concept to production.

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