© Giles Newman
Clara Olshansky
Updated May 13, 2016

What could possibly make a wooden spoon worth $360? Maybe the fact that it's a hand carved work of art that would look as appropriate in a gallery as in a kitchen. Giles Newman, a craftsman from the village of Bispham in Northern England, carves spoons so beautiful that they probably don't even qualify as kitchenware anymore. They're pretty much just sculpture. From moose heads to dream catchers to stunningly decorative herons, Newman's creations are totally breathtaking.

To get to these gorgeous final products, Newman doesn't use any complicated machinery or modern technology. You don't get this kind of natural beauty by just 3-D printing. Instead, he gets the raw wood himself from sustainable sources, axes it down to the size he needs, then, still using the axe, shaves it down to the shape of a spoon. For tips and advice on how you can axe your own spoon from a hunk of wood, check out the description on his making-of video. 


While the spoon featured is fairly simple, all his spoons begin with hacking away at a chunk of wood. After Newman has sketched what he wants it to look like onto the block of wood, he'll cut away as much as he can with his axe. As he puts it, "Even the most delicate of designs has a fairly brutal birth."

If you want to spring for one of Newman's spoons, you can check out his shop on Etsy. If you're more interested in just staring at how unbelievably pretty they are, you can always just follow Newman on Instagram

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