By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© 2015 Steve Zak Photography / FilmMagic

Being a celebrity chef certainly has its perks: the fame, the money, the lifetime supply of a shoe that no sensible person would want anyway.

Last week, renowned chef and infamous dresser Mario Batali appeared on The Rachel Ray Show when an audience member posed the question, “How many Crocs do you own?” In true Batali fashion, the simple inquiry spawned a nuanced response:

“Well, here’s what happened… Crocs and I had a long relationship, and they decided they were going to discontinue this particular color in the one that has the light, refreshing, airy holes,” he answered, removing his favorite Classic Orange (Coral) Croc and showing it to the audience. “So they still had the professional Croc in the orange but they were cancelling this one, so I asked them before they finished the run, if they could just run me what we perceived would be a lifetime supply.”


So what is a lifetime supply for the 55-year-old chef? Remarking that he figured he’d “live to 130,” Batali admitted he stocked up on 200 pairs of the orange Classic Crocs. Seeing that it’s unlikely humans will make it to 130, consider it good news for any Croc-loving relatives included in the Batali will.

Interestingly enough, as Batali alluded to, Crocs does make a Bistro Mario Batali Edition in both graphite and the chef’s favorite orange color. Meanwhile, though Crocs did stop making the Classic in orange, the shoe/clog/chick-repellant is still available in tangerine, which to my eyes looks practically identical. But I guess the fact that Mario Batali can discriminate between the color of an orange and a tangerine and I can’t is why he’s one of the world’s great chefs and I am just a food writer that mainly sticks to writing about chefs’ shoes.