By Taylor Bryant
June 22, 2017
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Before I get started, I know what you're thinking: How many articles about coconut oil are you people going to write? I hear ya. As tired as you may be of reading about this magic cure-all ingredient, we're equally tired of reporting on it. With that said, rest assured that we wouldn't bring you news about the much-adored product unless we thought it was truly worth bringing to your attention. 

As you may or may not know, coconut oil has a myriad uses (a lot of which we playfully test-drove here). While we thought we'd heard it all when it comes to the different things you can make out of it, we were wrong. An infographic from Health Perch shows even more possibilities — like mixing it with aloe vera gel and activated charcoal to make eyeliner, or making your own toothpaste with it. 

For a group of people who fancy themselves extremely well-versed in the multifunctional oil, we were impressed with these homemade products. Plus, there's more where that comes from. [Health Perch]

"A Guide to Homemade Coconut Oil Beauty Products" on Health Perch

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