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Updated September 29, 2015

We drink enough coffee that it has gotten to the point that more of our clothes have stains on them than don’t. But enterprising designer and DIY-er Paige Russell proved that’s not always a bad thing. She decided to use coffee’s propensity for staining clothes for a good cause, making a pair of fashionable (and apparently wonderful-smelling) Chuck Taylor’s.

The process is relatively simple—although not quite as easy as just dumping a cup of coffee on your shoes.  Simply brew up a highly concentrated pot of coffee (the more highly concentrated, the darker the dye will be), pour it in a container big enough to contain whatever you are dyeing and add half a teaspoon of salt to help the dye set. From there, you just put your item of choice in the bath for an hour.

Russell also uses coffee cups to make a cool stamp pattern on a different pair.

You can find full instructions here and more of Russell’s design work at PaigeRussell.com.

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