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Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated December 15, 2016

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a mixed bag. On the one hand you want to impress the person you’re getting a gift for. On the other hand, whoever drew your name from the bucket had better get you something that lives up to your generosity, dammit! Waiting for the big moment at the company holiday party or for the appearance of a present on your task chair after a potty break can be nerve-wracking.

So, just like you used to snoop for and peek at the presents your parents got you as a kid, the only solution to while away your half-assed pre-vacation workday is to sleuth out who your covert benefactor will be. Use these tips to Sherlock-ing their identity so that once your presented with your spoils, you can shout in their face “I knew it!” and get a scolding from HR about your workplace party drinking habits.

Of course, the person you're gifting to will no doubt be anxious to know your identity as well. And when they find out, you won't want to disappoint them, so be sure to get them something good.

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