Clara Olshansky
Updated October 09, 2015

If one-sided pizza is good, then two-sided pizza must be better, right? This week, YouTube star of bro cuisine (and one of the crazy people behind Epic Meal Time) Harley Morenstein teaches us how to create this totally unnecessary and totally delicious invention in the latest installment of his instructional video series, "Handle It."

The process is pretty much what you'd expect—make a pizza, cook it partway, cover the bottom in all the fixings of pizza and cook it the rest of the way. The key moment, however, is when you shock the melting cheese on the first half of the pizza by cooling it after about ten minutes. This allows you to flip the pizza and start working on the bottom without having to worry about the other side.

If double pizza doesn't sound deliciously greasy enough already, then you're in luck. Morenstein tops this beautiful monstrosity with pepperoni, two kinds of thick bacon and more. It's everything your tastebuds have ever wanted and everything your arteries fear. 

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