By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

Looking to promote your burgeoning business? Have you tried bastardizing one of the world’s most expensive and beloved automobiles?

Around this time last year, a group of five college-aged founders launched an app called “Push For Pizza.” The idea was simple: The smartphone app lets users push a single button to order pizza. “Yeah, it’s real,” their slogan reminded us. Cut to today, and this app is striving to become a thriving business. Thanks to the help of an investment firm, an infusion of cash has allowed the company’s founders to forgo continuing their own educations and instead embark on a promotional tour of over 70 colleges.

But the idea of a single-button pizza app is so ridiculous, how do you top it? Apparently, with an even more ridiculous idea: a pizza-painted Lamborghini.

The Push For Pizza team is touring around with a sports car they’ve dubbed the “Lamborghizza”—literally a Lamborghini that’s been suped up with a paint job to make it look like a pepperoni pizza. They recently promoted the college tour with an over-the-top video announcement and are keeping things socially savvy by allowing people to pose with the ridiculous car before posting the pics online.

True, college students might have trouble relating to a bunch of dropouts who’ve made enough money that they don’t mind ruining a Lamborghini with a terrible paint job. Still, the Lamborghizza certainly is a head-turner.

Don’t believe me? I dare you to try avoiding eye contact with the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile next time it drives through your neighborhood. Some ideas never go out of fashion.

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