Adam Campbell-Schmitt
June 23, 2017

The election is over, but no doubt the awkward/frustrating/hair-pulling political discussion will carry on well into the holiday season. Yes, the timing of Election Day just weeks before family and friends are obligated to gather together to share a table and, even more precariously, hold a conversation is rather unfortunate. But who says you have to eat turkey with anybody?

Forget Thanksgiving or even Friendsgiving. As the folks at Above Average point out, this just might be the year you opt to celebrate 'Selfsgiving.'

Selfsgiving / sɛlfs gɪvɪŋ/ n. A full Thanksgiving meal that you eat by yourself, without your family or friends

The moc doc was written by Matt Moskovciak and stars Jackie Jennings as a very relatable fan of all the trappings of Turkey Day and who's very fed up with the headache of family infighting and freeloading friends. If you've ever hosted a holiday dinner, the flashbacks are going to look oh-so-familiar, and the prospect of an entire dinner (and pies!) to yourself is going to look oh-so-appealing. Hey, maybe it's not too late to renege on those invitations...


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