By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

Ordering food nowadays is painfully simple. A few clicks on your computer, and a hot, delicious meal shows up at your door. But as you awkwardly try to avoid eye contact with the deliveryman because you’re ashamed he might realize that whole order is just for you, keep in mind that your food didn’t just materialize at your doorstep. Those three tacos, burrito and nachos (all for you) underwent a journey to get to their destination.

Some of those journeys aren’t particularly safe. In places like New York, delivery men are tasked with navigating the chaotic, traffic- and pedestrian-filled streets of a big city, usually zipping around on a bike or moped. It can be a rough ride, especially just to make minimum wage and some not-so-amazing tips. (As the video points out, Seamless customers in the NYC area tip an average of 13.11 percent per order—typically about $2 to $4.)

To better understand the life of an NYC food delivery man, The Huffington Post recently put a GoPro on Gabriel Martinez Rios—a 38-year-old Bronx resident who works delivering food for S’mac, a mac and cheese restaurant in Midtown Manhattan—as he made his daily rounds. 

The footage features plenty of tight squeezes between two buses or riding up near the curb. It’s an interesting reminder that though ordering food online feels magical, it still requires real human work to make sure that magical system operates as planned. At least until Amazon perfects their drones.

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