Mike Pomranz
Updated November 25, 2015

You can find millions (well, maybe dozens) of videos out there on how to use common household items as a bottle opener. We’d recommend this one we put together. All these tricks require is a little bit of learned technique and a lot of desire to drink.

But YouTuber Jimmy DiResta wanted to go above and beyond. Instead of simply coopting different items to use as bottle openers, he decided to break out his drills and his belt sanders to literally transform old rusty items from around his workshop into bottle openers that anyone could use, no special tricks or techniques required.

In the video above, he turns everything from a wrench to a screwdriver to a giant saw into functional bottle openers – 10 openers in total. It just goes to show you that no tool is worthless; it can always be used to open a beer. And there is no better function than that.

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