By Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017

Our favorite way to document the making of a foamy latte or slicing of a  bountiful sushi platter is via GoPro. The company launched on NASDAQ yesterday and traders seem to like it as much as we do. In one day, GoPro’s share price rose from $24 to over $31. It’s the biggest consumer electronics IPO since Duracell's nearly a quarter century ago, which seems to bode well for the California-based camera maker. It’s not all hero shots for GoPro though—some analysts are calling the sudden rise "speculative" and compared it to the now-defunct Flip Cam. But for the time being GoPro is hot, and with people making and sharing videos everyday by the thousands, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. The brand's plan is to transition from a hardware maker into a full-fledged media company, creating a network where users can watch and share videos. If all goes well, we'll get to see a lot more kittens saved in the future.

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