Mike Pomranz
Updated January 14, 2016

Tommy Edison became an Internet celebrity by talking frankly about what it’s like being blind. He’s covered all sorts of topics over the years on YouTube, but this week he undertook one of his biggest challenges ever: Guessing the color of Jelly Belly jellybeans based entirely by their taste.

The video is interesting on a number of levels. Since Edison has been blind since birth, he’s not inherently knowledgeable on what colors foods are to begin with. At one point, he has to ask what color cotton candy is. “Pink,” comes the reply. “Oh, it is! Wait, I learned that,” he says.

But even if you aren’t blind, just how accurate are the flavors of a Jelly Belly? Of course, the color and the name help prime our brain to prepare for what taste may lie ahead. But without any additional information, how often could anyone – with or without sight – nail the flavor of a blueberry jelly bean. As Edison suggests at the end, “Maybe one day we’ll play this against a sighted person. We’ll blindfold him and see how he does.”

I’ll take that challenge. But mainly for the free jellybeans.

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