By Noah Kaufman
June 23, 2017

As if Instagramming every bite of food wasn't bad enough, some enterprising engineers have come up with a way for you to live tweet your meal without even picking up your phone. As part of the “Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas” hackathon (great name by the way), masterminds Denny George and Matthew Kaney developed Tweet Your Food. They call it “an important innovation in the sphere of the quantified self,” which is a very academic way of saying it is yet another opportunity to track our lives online. Tweet Your Food is pretty simple. It works by connecting sensors to your pizza, ice cream or carefully prepared avocado toast, which register each bite and send an alert to your Twitter account. Those alerts trigger tweets—no typing necessary — so your followers can keep up with your meal in real time. As you can see the tweets are pretty barebones.

At the moment Tweet Your Food is not actually going to be produced. It’s just a fun hack showing how deeply social media has penetrated food culture. Given our propensity for publishing our every movement and thought on social media though, there’s no reason developers wouldn’t actually want to make this. It might be an overly cumbersome way to share your meal with the world, but if people took the time to develop a mobile light studio specifically for Instagramming dinner, it means there’s a market for just about anything.

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