By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© Swag Brewery

Here’s a great holiday gift for people who can’t get enough beer in their lives: candles that smell like all sorts of wonderful brews.

Brew Candles are available from Swag Brewery in three delicious varieties: Apricot Wheat, Hoppy IPA and Vanilla Porter. Each candle is made from “hand-poured soy wax blend right here in the USA.”

Swag Brewery—which isn’t a brewery at all but specializes specifically in products that promote craft beer culture—also has all sorts of other wonderful beer-related items such as beer soap and hop candy.

But who wouldn’t want to spend their days taking in wonderful wafts of beer? Just maybe have an excuse ready to go to explain why your clothes smell like you’ve spent the whole morning drinking. “Oh, those are just my beer candles” might not cut it.

[h/t Foodiggity]

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