Noah Kaufman
June 23, 2017

Are you paranoid that your stew, curry or ice cream sundae may be contaminated by some cook’s tiny hairs? Worry no more. The magnifying spoon is going to give you peace of mind. The magnifying glass qua spoon is part of a series called Contaminants Outside the Home from designers Object Solutions. The spoon’s creator Ernesto Morales and his team say that diners should bring the spoon with them when they eat out and “use its powerful lens to survey the landscape of your meal, inspecting every morsel prior to consumption” to check for “shards of glass” or “sprinklings of dust.” If you watch the video above you can see that the spoon really does give you a closer look at whether your meal is full of foreign objects, although, if you are the sort of person who is actually concerned your soup might contain shards of glass or sprinklings of dust you probably shouldn’t be eating out in the first place.

The spoon is as much art project as it is utilitarian flatware, but unlike some of the other culinary design projects out there, you can actually order this one. A limited edition production of magnifying spoons are available this fall through Object Solutions’ store. If you want one you can contact them here.

For additional aversions, the company also makes full body moist towlette so you can make yourself completely sterile after a tough day of filth outside. It’s the perfect holiday gift for that person in your life who carries around four bottles of hand sanitizer for leaving the house.        

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