By Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017
© iStockphoto

Have you seen that Tina Fey commercial where she says " target="_blank" title="Tina Fey Hangry Ad">she gets “hangry” and then starts eating potpourri? Well it turns that was based on scientific fact. According to a new study, couples are more upset with each other when they have low blood sugar and need food. Brad Bushman, the study’s lead author claims, “We need glucose for self control. Anger is the emotion that most people have difficulty controlling.” The idea that people can be cranky when they are hungry isn’t particularly new; every baby for 10 million years has spent most of its waking hours hangry. What is new is the way these scientists have proved it. They asked couples to stick pins in voodoo dolls to demonstrate displeasure with their spouses and then measured glucose levels in the irritable partners to look for a correlation. Sure enough, the lower the glucose level, the stabbier people got. The conclusion, of course, was that giving people more access to food could have positive results not only for couples, but in other settings as well, like prisons. Who knows, maybe every riot in history was just started by some hangry convicts. So the next time you and your significant other are screaming at each other, stop for a moment and eat a king size Snickers, or maybe an unusually-flavored KitKat. It will probably give you the pickmeup you need to tolerate your partner’s crazy crap for another day.

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