By Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017
Courtesy of Netflix

Unless you spent your childhood with the sad distinction of a complete lack of story time, you certainly got to appreciate the rhyming joy that is Dr. Seuss. And now his story of adventurous eating is coming to the small screen. That’s right, Green Eggs and Ham will be a Netflix TV show produced by Ellen DeGeneres. In a press release appropriately organized in stanzas, Netflix said,

Jared Stern, the guy behind The Lego Movie, will head up 13 episodes of the show as well as six mini movies. Presumably, in addition to the titular meal, Sam I Am will make his buddy Guy try some other new things he doesn’t want to in a box or with a fox. We could probably only watch them eating brightly colored eggs in a diner for three episodes, max. The show just began production and will premiere in 2018.   

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