Mike Pomranz
Updated November 17, 2014

A simple search for DIY smokers yields pages of instructions on how to build your own barbecue apparatus, but most of the suggested smoker designs look homemade. And not in a cute Etsy way.

Meet Illinois Slim, a man who’s taken the concept of the self-built smoker to ridiculous new heights with this one styled after a steam engine. According to his own testimony, he’s been working on his smoker steam train engine on and off for three years. And this amazing barbecue accessory has all the bells and whistles—literally—to prove it was worth the time.

Not only is this smoker in the shape of a small train engine, but it also does pretty much everything you’d expect an engine to do, besides pull a train. It blows steam off both the bottom and the top, and has a train whistle loud enough to let your neighbors know it’s time to come begging for BBQ.

You can watch Slim show it off himself. Just don’t bad-mouth the smoker; if you pay attention, you’ll notice Slim is packin’ some heat that’s got nothing to do with cooking chicken!

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