Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

Humans use beer as bait for other humans all the time. “Let’s meet over a beer!” “Come to my kegger!” “Sure baseball is boring, but we’ll have guys delivering beer literally right to your seat!”

To lure fish though, using beer as bait is a bit more… let’s say… nontraditional. But if the video evidence provided in the grainy YouTube clip above is any indication, it’s not impossible to lure a fish with a refreshing brew – at least in Brazil.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t provide many details, meaning I’m left with a lot of questions. What kind of fish is that? What Brazilian beer comes in such a bright yellow can? Does anyone here speak Portuguese??

But here’s my biggest question: These guys are fishing. The fish is right up on the side of their boat. Why didn’t they grab the fish?! If not for dinner, than at least for the safety of the fish. Don’t drink and swim, people! Everyone knows that!

[h/t The Daily Mail]

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